Several talented sporthorses have been trained by Ernest Kwint. It concerns among others:

  • Abunola: Currently performing at grand prix level under Margie Goldstein Engle. Prior to this she competed with Luis Biraben. Ernest Kwint educated her from the start  and competed at 1.40m with her.
  • Copain: Educated and trained by Ernest at 1.35m. He had good results with Gerco Schröder and Ernest Kwint.
  • Nereno: Performing at 1.45m with Wiljan Laarakkers, educated by Ernest Kwint until 1.40m.
  • Wresca: Performed at 1.45m with Ruben Romp under the care of Jos lansink. This horse was trained and educated by Ernest Kwint. Ernest achieved many results with his mare at 1.45m CSI**.
  • Zandorra: Performed at 1.60m. with Maikel van der Vleuten. Ernest jumped at 1.50m CSI** with her.
  • Obelix (v. Damiro): Competed with Taizo Sugitani (in joined ownership) at 1.60m under the supervision of Henk Nooren. He took part in the World Equestrian Games in Aachen. Obelix was bred and trained by Ernest Kwint. Obelix performed with Ernest at 1.50m.
  • Arabian: Performed with Emile Hendriks at the European Championship and jumped 1.50m with Ernest.

In Addition Ernest Kwint sold several talented hunters  and showjumping horses in whole Europe, America and the Middle East.