Welcome to the website of Ernest Kwint. The stables are managed by Ernest Kwint and his wife, Anne Rikmanspoel. Over the years  we have built up a professional stable, utilizing our extensive experience in educating horses for the purpose of show jumping. We achieve maximum performance by training the horses methodically on a daily basis. We succeed in top education, with much view to the welfare of the horses. Our stables offer a fine selection of talented jumping horses.  Each horse requires a different approach and we pay much attention to their individual needs.  The variety of training systems makes that our horses develop themselves to a higher level. By optimizing the potential of the horses, our stable  brings horse investors and clients together. We  are also pleased to  guide you with the purchase and sale of talented sport horses.  Several showjumpers that perform on the highest level were trained by Ernest.

We distinguish ourselves by our high standard of education, priorizing the welfare of the horses, the transparant way of doing business and the long term partnerships where the different interests of each partner are taken into account.